Tips To Remove Warts Safe And Natural Treatments.

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Warts are not so much of a concern most cases they are fairly harmless. Only if the warts cause some of these symptoms bleeding and pain.

Most of the time warts usually go away on its own but this process may take up to weeks, months, sometimes in some cases take years.

Over the counter wart remove treatments sometimes have so many mix reviews. But over the counter wart removal kit carry to much chemicals.

But here are some home remedies treatments you should try which is all natural.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is amazing how many things apple cider vinegar has been credited for curing, including such potentially harmful and hard to treat conditions such as acid reflux disease and high cholesterol.

Many have also reported that apple cider vinegar can help with wart removal. One method of application is to, before bed, soak a small cotton ball with the apple cider vinegar, and then fasten it to the wart using medical tape.

There are reports of this method working overnight, though more realistic accounts suggest a month may be more believable.

Castor Oil

Another natural remedy that is touted by many is Castor Oil. This vegetable oil that is extracted from the Castor bean is applied in a similar fashion as the apple cider vinegar.

Many report that it works just as well, though there are not nearly as many proponents of this method as of the apple cider vinegar.

It could just be that people are more likely have apple cider vinegar around the house for cooking purposes, however.

A Potato

Yes, some say that if you cut a potato in half, and rub the inside on the wart daily, it will eventually disappear.

This one does not have a terribly large group of followers, but there are more than a few accounts of the potato working miracles. And, as a bonus, you can plant the other half outside and have a potato plant later on!


For those with a really bad wart.

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